It’s not a matter of if…but when! Sooner or later the lights will go out and your family’s home will be without power. It could be a matter of hours, days, weeks or perhaps even months. If you live in New Jersey you already know this can happen. The North East gets slammed by snow, ice and lightning storms every winter and during the hurricane seasons. Why be at mother natures mercy?

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This year should be the year you take proactive steps to ensure that your family has backup power to protect your lifestyle.

A whole house backup power generator means NO MORE:

  • Spoiled Food & Money Wasted
  • Emergency Medical Equipment Power Failure
  • Wandering Around In A Dark Home
  • Thieves Stealing Small Portable Generators
  • Boredom Due To Lack Of Power Family Electronic Devices
  • Countless Other Nuisances Due To No Electricity

RMS Contracting & Electric will install an efficient & quiet propane or natural gas whole house backup generator capable of powering your entire home. Ask us how affordable this option is for your family.

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